The Kelpie's Pearls

A Live Publishing Project by Edinburgh Napier University MSc Publishing students

The Team

Check out our new video including all team members and more pictures of our work!

(but have a look below it for some more interesting facts about us)


The team at its best:

Amanda & Ste

We couldn’t have hoped for better project managers! Always supportive and cheerful, they secretly wished they could lock us away with the ghost of Craighouse Campus, but they liked us too much. Check out those hard workers!


Head of Finance and Rights, Gemma brilliantly managed budgets, prices, printers quotes, copyrights and much more. It’s  a miracle she doesn’t have balance sheets coming out of her ears.


Managing the Design side of the book, it was Amy who first brought The Kelpie’s Pearls proposal and convinced the group of its merit. She worked closely with Sarah Fisher, the illustrator. Amy has spent many hours perfecting the book of our edition.


As the second half of our lovely Design duo, she is now  an InDesign expert. Caps, master pages and nested styles hold no secrets for her. She conducted lots of research and looked at dozens of children’s books  to come up with the best combination of fonts, margins and sizes for our book.

Andrew & Zuzana

Our distribution team scratched their heads hard to find the best venue and ideas for the book launch. From the Merchiston campus to town and Craighouse, they traveled all over Edinburgh to find the perfect place.

Kristen (right)

Coming from her beloved Wisconsin (US) she is the head of Marketing. She totally committed herself to bring the group accurate information from her research with teachers and potential partners to create a solid foundation for our project.

Emma (left)

She moved to Edinburgh in 2010 to start the MSc Publishing course after living for three years in Madrid teaching English. She worked on the promotional materials for the project, including crosswords, Press Release and several leaflets.


Editor-in-chief, she puts her managing skills in action guides her team throughout the busy project. No matter what happened, everything is always in order with Anna: style guides, spelling grids and timelines have never been kept so well.


She exercises her eyes and mind to spot the hidden typos and misspellings that can “slip” into every part of the book and website.


Our second American team member, always up for a laugh, gets her red pen out and merciless, but diligently edits copies for all departments.


The tallest member of the team hails from sunny Spain. He has a background in interactive media and logically made his mark with the Online Team. He has been working on additional content to bring value and fun to our website.


One of the Online Team’s pillars, she brings her creative and artistic touch. From Hungary, she lived in Glasgow while studying fine art & photography before moving to our dear Scottish capital. Have a look at the little stop animation she put together at the start of the project.


Head of the Online team. Under her leadership and guidance the team developed an online presence. Bene previously worked in publishing in Europe and America; her previous work experience within the industry added professionalism to our project. Always cheerful and ready to help! She looks on the “bright side of life…”

Photographs: © Eva Barton


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