The Kelpie's Pearls

A Live Publishing Project by Edinburgh Napier University MSc Publishing students

The Book

Copyright: Merchiston Publishing

A magical water horse, a lonely boy and an old woman with a mysterious secret make up this modern take on Scottish folklore.


Is Morag really a witch? And what happened to her on the mystical banks of the Loch Ness? Only Torquil and Alasdair the Trapper know the answers, and they cannot tell for secret reasons of their own…

By bringing together 3 worlds:  traditional highland life, a greedy and materialistic modern society and the old world of the supernatural, Mollie Hunter weaves a magical and poignant story about friendship and the relationship between humans and nature.

Do you want to know more?

Just follow the different links
from our Home Page to:

– enjoy the few extracts, games and information we uploaded for you;

– learn about Kelpies and other Scottish mythological creatures;

– get information on Mollie Hunter and her previous works;

– get to know us and our project;

– and much more!!


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