The Kelpie's Pearls

A Live Publishing Project by Edinburgh Napier University MSc Publishing students



bothy: a shelter, similar to a small cottage. It is usually unlocked so anyone can use it. These are still used today

candlemas: a Christian festival marking 40 days after Christmas. Candles are blessed and processions held to welcome Jesus

fledgling: a young bird that has recently grown its flight feathers

graugachs (groo-ah-gaks): fairy creatures. They could either be helpful or mischievous

heathen: a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (especially one who is not Christian, Jew or Muslim)

peerie-men: imaginary, tiny men

queer: strange

Tir-nan-Og (teer-na-nog): traditionally an Irish myth. A place where pain and death do not exist. People who go there remain healthy, young and happy forever

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